Centella Energías SAPI CV develops, constructs and operates a wide range of Energy related power plants. Our expertice on rebuilding existing power plants and scale them up with top of the line technology is our main strength.
Centella Solar I
20 MW of clean sunshine power for you. Located in Mexico's sunniest state Sonora, this project will bring 40 GWh per year of clean energy to Centella Energías Customers and Partners.


This well designed solar project is going to be built to withstand the intense solar intake of the Sonora Desert. The project will supply clean and affordable electricity to Maquiladora Factories, Hotels and Industries in Sonora and Baja California Norte in Mexico.


Centella Wind I
40 MW of Smooth and renewable Electric Power Generation in nothern Mexico.


This Wind Power Farm is a development from scratch with  Partners from Europe. This Wind Power Project will be ready for construction in 2013, it will operate in an area in Mexico where seismic activity and hurricane related risks for wind farms do not exist. Just slow nice, non turbulent wind currents ideal for power generation at peak electric power demand hours.

Centella Hydro II
Clean reliable power for "environment friendly" Customers.


In Mexico's most rainny valley of Orizaba, this project will produce 4 MW of clean electricity with the force of water channeled to the power plant from the Blanco River. Centella has designed a retrofit for this power plant under "water to wire" technology that includes variable speed, variable frecuency generation (for optimal water usage) converted to clean 60 hz electricity before is injected into Mexico's Sistema Interconectado Nacional (SIN).

Centella Natural Gas
Combined Heat and Power and CO2 beneficial Reuse Projects


Mexico's large population (110 million) demands large supply of fresh vegetables. Several large Agribusiness Corporations are interested in setting up large Green houses in several areas of Mexico.

Our Greenhouse Projects (up to 200 hectares of land) can produce hundreds of tons of fresh first class vegetables (tomatoes, cucumbers, Paprika mainly) under controlled conditions (humidity, temperature, CO2 supply among other key features). Projects can range from 3 MW to 30 MW.